Pylon KIT

Pylon KIT
This is an UNGLUED pylon for Amigo, Hi-Fly, Mosquito and DANDY. Attention - Glue together only with CA adhesives!

The root rib can be solid (without holes) or with holes according to the original plan depending on the specific model. Specify in the order or in the mail.

Colour options:
Please specify the colour combination in your order or by email. If you do not specify a color combination, a complete white version will be sent.

16,20 €

Pylon is made by 3D printing method from PLA+ material (now also PLA HT110).
Although it is mechanically and heat resistant enough for this purpose, it is not indestructible. I do not recommend exposing it to temperatures above 60 °C for a long period of time or to high mechanical stresses such as falling to the ground. In flight, the pylon is safely cooled by the propeller and airflow, but on the ground I do not recommend leaving it in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, especially during the summer months when temperatures in direct sunlight can exceed 50 °C. The motor holder is ABS+ material and can withstand temperatures of 100°C.

We have had two years of intensive experience with pylons and even with exposure to direct sun in the Alps there are no noticeable changes in strength or shape.

NEW root rib can be made for any other model of similar size. Just send vector or raster data of the root rib.

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