LP STABI – LP record stabilizer

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The LP record stabilizer LP STABI is an innovative solution as an alternative to classic metal stabilizers. It is made by 3D printing method from antistatic plastic. It contains a special internal structure that absorbs vibrations from the turntable and partially absorbs subsonic frequencies.
It is equipped with a self-locking clamp, which is tuned so that the LP STABI can be mounted on the record using the least possible force, but so that the clamping force is greater than with classic metal stabilizers. LP STABI is shaped to help flatten gently wavy plates.

Benefits of LP STABI:
- Very lightweight, weight only 33 g.
- Self-locking four segment clamp
- greater clamping force than metal stabilisers
- no load on the turntable bearing
- internal damping construction
- eliminates microvibration of the record
- partially suppresses subsonic frequencies
- compensates well or partially for wavy records
- possible colour variations
- anti-static, non-toxic
- shaped, purposeful and interesting

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